For my client Jongstra Beheer BV who has a high end real estate project in his portfolio, together with Boy Bastiaens I have developed a complete branding strategy and visual identity. Since the available photography was not useable I decided to create the 'Hero Visual' from a reconstructed 3D model of the building. The results are glamorous shots of the building that do its branding and function justice.
creating a top quality hero visual from a photographic reference shot
Client Jongstra Beheer BV needed a high profile rebranding for a top segment high security storage facility. Together with Boy Bastiaens I developed the brand Fortados. For the PR prospectus we needed top quality photographic material but that was not available.

So I decided to use the existing photograph as a perspective reference and reconstruct the visible portion of the facility in 3D so that I had total control over the visual aspects of the shot.
First I placed the photograph into Sketchup and matched up the perspective of the 3D scene with the picture. After that it was a matter of building the main blocks of geometry and then exporting that into a 3D program to add lighting and clean textures and materials such as glass and concrete.
I also re-lit the scene for an additional evening shot for added atmosphere.

Below you see the image sequence following through this process.
The photograph provided by the client
Aligning perspective of the shot in Sketchup
Modeling the facade in simple volumes
Straightening the perspective in Cinema 4D and adding textures and entourage like car and trees (Laubwerk Plants Kit)
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