Complete product line visualization with additional explanatory animations for use in commercial sales activities of client.
visualizing a complete product line before it existed
How do you communicate that you have a great idea? How can you show people what the finished products are going to look like, even as a complete product line without actually having to physically manufacture them?

That's where product visualization and branding prototyping comes in. And that's where I can really help you make a difference.

NB Frame needed to show just how remarkable and ingenious their aluminum frames were. And to show that they needed hyper real visuals.

They also commissioned several explanative animations that showed in motion how individual part relate to each other and to the whole.

Needless to say they have been able to stock their resellers with top notch photographic imagery for their catalogs, fully branded even before development cycles were completely finished. This enabled them to be delivery ready and have printed materials already available even before there was anything tangible to shoot for product shots.
Since I wanted to also have a little fun I made a 'non commercial' version of one of the products with wear and tear and smudges and chipped paint...
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